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Wedding Photography

Over the years, wedding photography has transformed from mediocre record shots of the bride and groom lined up rigidly with various guests, into true works of art. Our objective with wedding photography is to capture the very essence and soul of your wedding day, to produce photos that are quite simply, stunningly gorgeous.

During the wedding ceremony, We use a documentary style of photography, to record the events as they unfold. Our aim here is to move around unobtrusively, capturing everything from the small details to the overall feel of the occasion. After the ceremony, We'll whisk the wedding party away for a fun ‘fashion shoot’. Far from looking like formal portraits attained from a bland studio, the fashion shoot ensures that the natural joie de vivre of the occasion is captured in a friendly and relaxed manner with some gentle directing and coaxing to get the best shots.

Having recently married, We understand how momentous a wedding is for all parties involved. Months of special planning and emotional energy culminate in the events of a single day that passes all too swiftly. As your wedding photographers, We will strive to capture those endearing moments that define your unique day, so that the memories are preserved and enjoyed time and time again..