Hello and Welcome . . .

Alkim photography is a photography business based in Dunedin, New Zealand. We do weddings, advertising photography, events, illustrative photography, portraiture, fine art photography, corporate photography and other more specialised photography like extreme sports and underwater photography. The “We” consists of myself, Allan, as principle photographer, and Kim, my wife, as the business brains operating in the background (Kim works at The Otago Chamber of Commerce in the training team. She is involved with helping small businesses that are starting up and with customer service training.)

Photography is something I became passionate about as a teenager, and after nearly 30 years, the passion still burns. In the intervening years, I’ve traveled the world with my camera and have been published extensively, both here in New Zealand and internationally, including feature articles in prestigious magazines like New Zealand Geographic. Along the way I’ve managed to win my fair share of photo competitions, including a few big international ones (for the latest click here ) . My photographic style covers the full range, from weddings to extreme sports, from advertising to landscape. For me, a beautiful photograph is a beautiful photograph, no mater what the subject. It’s about conveying the emotions in a graphically simple, yet bold manor, so that everything works.

When I’m not out taking photos, I like to take a break and do something completely different, so for four days of the week (Monday to Thursday), I work in the photography department at the school of fine art, here in Dunedin. Having always had a huge thirst for knowledge, I enjoy passing that knowledge on (I hope the students enjoy receiving it). Also there is nothing like having to teach a subject to know it well. I can count at least two of the more successful photographers in Dunedin as former students. (I like to think that what I taught was of some use in them getting to where they are now).

Having said all of the above I’d now like to add a proviso. Words really are very cheep and actions speak far louder. There is one, and only one way to tell the good photographers from the bad: quite simply, by their photographs. You don’t need formal training in the arts to be able to tell a good photograph from a bad one. You’ll know if you like it or not, just trust your feelings. If you don’t like a photographers work, and this goes for mine as well, then that photographer is not for you.

I hope you enjoy my photographs.

Cheers Allan.