Post Wedding Shoots

Why just wear your wedding dress once when you can have twice the fun!

Quite simply, a post-wedding shoot is a fashion shoot of your wedding gown with you as the model. The objective; to photograph you and your gown in the most glorious way possible. No limitations.

Maybe at some point in the run up to the wedding, you find yourself in an amazing location and think 'wouldn't it be great to have photos taken here.' Yet realise that to do so just wouldn't be practical on the big day.

The idea behind the post-wedding shoot is that it frees you up to have photos taken that are not restrained by time, location or the need to keep the wedding dress pristine. This is an opportunity for you to have fun and be totally extravagant. The only limits are your imagination. Go somewhere that would have been just too far away on the wedding day. Wait for the right weather to get the perfect light. Go at a time of the day that wasn't going to fit into the wedding schedule. And if during the shoot, the dress gets a little dirt on it or even completely wet, well that's okay, because you're not off to a reception afterwards.

How the post-wedding shoot works / the order of events .

During the planning stage we get together for a chat over coffee to discuss possible locations, times of day that would best suit the different locations and the kinds of weather most suitable for these locations. (It is at this time that I put on my extensive landscape photography 'hat'.) A couple of options are settled on and then the waiting game begins. When it looks like all the elements are going to come together (right weather, everyone available etc) a mutual decision to 'go for it' is made.

The shoot takes place. Normally this will take two hours; however it's about getting the shots, so we're happy to take as long as required (with in reason), provided you're happy to carry on. After the editing is all done, (normally a few weeks later) you choose the best five photos, and we'll print them as A4 size images for you.