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Architectural and Food Photography

It may seem odd to place food and architecture together into the same gallery. Incongruous even. Yet at a different level, the two have things in common. Both food and shelter are fundamentals to survival. Yet both have also been elevated to a higher level: that of art. As humans we have this innate desire for the beautiful. A desire to produce it, a desire to surround ourselves with it, and a desire to make it part of our lives. To quote a line from the movie ‘Dead poets society’: “Engineering and medicine are fine and noble careers, they make life possible. But poets, poets make life worthwhile”. When architects design beautiful buildings and chefs produce fantastic food, they are doing so not to make life possible, but to make life worthwhile. My role as photographer is to capture the beauty that was the driving force behind these creations.

Maybe you’re thinking about hiring the services of a professional photographer, and are wondering ‘Will it be worth my while? Will I get photos that are any better than if I took them myself?” In this day and age of the digital camera, that is a valid question indeed. Not so much because you have a nice digital camera that takes nice photos but because there are an awful lot of cowboys out there. People who have also bought themselves a nice camera and now call themselves ‘professional photographers’. The trouble is, it’s the person who takes the nice photos, not the camera. Both architecture and food are very specialized fields of photography that require specialized knowledge. In both of these fields I’ve had training from experts in the disciplines. (Anthony Weller: one of London’s best architectural photographers and Ron Goldman a food photographer from the states)

Because I am confident that you will like the images that I’ll produce for you, as a first time client, you will only pay for the photos that you want to use. This means that there will be no charge for my time, only for the photos that you purchase.